Memo Team assembles worldwide trade stands of all sizes and types.

Whether systems or conventional constructions, large or small, complicated or simple, multi-storey or ground-level, our long-standing experience has taught us that not everything can be planned to 100 %, therefore are fast solutions on site and high flexibilities our strengths.


At the stand assembly we offer you

  • the assembly and disassembly of your trade stand
  • experienced chief mechanics as contact persons
  • trained craftsmen (like carpenters, locksmiths, painters, electricians)
  • loading and unloading of the trucks
  • on-site logistic
  • storage of stand material and empties
  • service staff and maintenance during the trade
  • proper packaging of your stand material

Lifting device for steel assembly 

Memo Team has 50 hydraulically operated lifters, which have a total lift capacity of 325 tons. So that steel beams with an area of 2000 m² can be lifted within 5 minutes synchronously at a height of 3,5 m. At multi-storey steel platforms it will be started on the hall floor, with the laying-up and screwing of the top floor. This will be lifted with the lifter and so the supports can be mounted below. The next floor will be laid out, the previously installed floor will be set down on it, then everything screwed togeher and then the complete construction will be lifted up. This process repeats until the bottom floor is reached and the supports are mounted.